The Story of PWD

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The PWD Story

My name is Patti Flinn and I’m an author of fiction/nonfiction & a professional copywriter with a B.A. in English Literature, MBA in Marketing and core education in Hospitality Management. I founded Persuasion Word Design, LLC because I love to tell a good story. And as someone who sees people where others only see businesses, I have a natural inclination to fill marketing gaps by putting the stories back into the industries that serve people.

You, as a manager in hospitality or a business that supplies the industry, know that the service industries are highly competitive and subject to the ebbs and flows of our country’s economy and trends. In light of this, when you speak to your customers you want to make sure that…

  • Your brand stands out from the crowd
  • Your customers care about who you are and what you offer

A business needs to tell a story that grabs attention and holds interest. This is where having one foot in business and one foot in the arts has allowed me to develop skills that directly benefit you. Let’s have a talk to see if I can help.

Why PWD?

Ever write an inter-office memo that no one reads? Or have your coupons or flyers tossed in the trash by the very people who could benefit from them? Feels horrible to see your work discarded after you’ve spent time and energy drafting it. But no one enjoys business speak. Don’t make your customers hate you by forcing them to read dry, technical language.

I can convert your “business speak” into readable, relatable words. Words that won’t make people want to gouge their own eyes out. Words that make people say, “hmm, tell me more”.

Tell Your Story, marketing purpose
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Struggling to make sure your brand shows up in your story?

Your business’s character helps me find the words – and the story – that work for you. It’s storytelling.  I call it breathing life into your business character.

Can other marketers do this as well as me, a published novelist and creative writer with the business degree and knowledge of hospitality? No, no one else can. Only me.

Put my skills and talents to use. Persuasion Word Design, LLC just might be your Unicorn when it comes to customizing a message for you.

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