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Does writing business copy make your world go ‘round?

Or, is copywriting just something you know you’re supposed to do? Kind of like eating broccoli. You know it’s good for you but the execution is a killer.

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Never fear, Persuasion Word Design, LLC loves to write copy for businesses working in and for Hospitality & Personal services. And we know what you face when trying to tackle your marketing issues.

Maybe your struggle is getting customers in the door or convincing them to sign up for your newsletter. Perhaps you are a business that wants to appeal to another business. You know your product or service is exactly what your corporate customers need but you can’t even get a call back.

The “Why” is not as important as the solution: Copywriting

There are lots of reasons why you might not want to take on crafting a marketing message for your business. Any one of them can seem overwhelming when you have the health of your business in mind. But the good news is that these reasons don’t have to be an obstacle as you plan your marketing strategy.

Let Persuasion Word Design, LLC take the lead in choosing a compelling copywriting vehicle to get the attention you want and deserve.

Marketing communication done properly can propel your business to new heights. We offer creative professional copywriting solutions with your business’s distinct story in mind. While specializing in the Food, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Hospitality and Personal Service industries, no matter your business type contact PWD to discuss your needs and goals. Whether it’s direct response marketing, blog posts or case studies, etc., breathing life into your company’s character is what we do best.

So, don’t plan to grit your teeth, bite the bullet, and churn out a marketing message just because you know somebody needs to do it. The goal is not the doing, but the engagement. Shoot for engagement and remember, Persuasion Word Design, LLC loves copywriting. And broccoli.

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